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Welcome to Betshoot.com — a website that offers free sports betting tips. My name is Isaiah and I am the owner of this website. I will share here some things about the story of Betshoot.

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传奇sfAll started back on a summer Sunday of 2000 when I was 21 years old and I entered the local betting shop where my wife was working, just to try my luck.

I filled there my first combo of 9 games, Norwegian & Swedish leagues were only playing at the moment. Looked only some form & stats with the help of a betting newspaper and filled the coupon with the help of local shop workers.

Back at home, I was told to use livescore.com so I can follow the scores. I realised that I had already won the first 8 games and I just needed Sandefjord vs Skeid to finish with over 2.5 goals.

Livescore.com Screenshot
Screenshot of livescore.com back in 2000. It was really the only internet place to look for live scores!

Anyway, the goals came in the last minutes of the game, I think it was 2:2.

My interest in betting has been increased heavily, and I started exploring things more & more, day by day. The amount of information offline was not existed, except some betting newspapers that were based on stats.

传奇sfThe fact is that I was learning fast and became a casual daily punter to my local bookie for the next years.

Early stages of the betting scene

Online, the world of betting was at the very early stages. There were only a few betting tips sites and a couple of online bookmakers.

Bettingadvice.com Screenshot
Terje Grefstad's bettingadvice.com was the most famous site with a busy betting forum, picks & tipsters.

More sites followed then. Globetting.com, asianhandicap.com & bethelp.com, betbrain.com, punterslounge.com, absoluteodds.com, goonersguide.com, fcbet.com, freebetting.com, and some more were conquering the betting scene.

Regarding bookmakers, Centrebet, Multibet, Pointbet, Fonbet, Expekt, Eurobet, Gamebookers, Sportingbet, Pinnacle, Bet365 & BetRoyal, were the most used names.

Generally, the betting scene was evolving, with no country restrictions, licenses, rules, and stuff like that. The US market was wide open too, the interest was extremely high, and the sites were getting incredible amounts of traffic.

传奇sfThe crowd was searching for good picks to bet, tipsters and information about football games into betting sites and forums. There were some private "closed" forums too that weren't sharing their picks.

I was accepted to write as a tipster to many sites including globetting.com, asianhandicap.com, etc. The passion was high and I really liked what I was doing, while I followed many other tipsters.

The launch of Betshoot.com

传奇sfThe main target was to keep the betting information and the tips free for all. No paid tips, no "closed" forums.

传奇sfI launched Betshoot in July of 2004 using the famous PHPNuke CMS and I was just posting my previews for many football fixtures.

传奇sfIt was more like an experiment to learn how some content management systems are functioning, as my main job was a computer technician.

Betshoot.com Screenshot
Betshoot during 2005. Many friends around Europe joined the site and started writing their previews too.

There was amazingly fast growth. In average, 15 new members registered daily. The site took its place among the best betting tips sites in just eight months period it was alive.

传奇sfThe page got bigger, but there was a lot of work to do during afternoons and late nights, after my main job as a computer tech in a radio/newspaper in the mornings.

Many new online friends made, and a warm company of thirsty betting freaks was created. We were exchanging betting news & information via MSN messenger, the Betshoot forum and the Betshoot IRC Chat (remember mIRC?).

betshoot.com screenshot 13
Another screenshot of Betshoot during 2007.

Everything was "hand made", the tipsters' stats and numbers were updated using the Windows calculator, Excel & Dreamweaver, so I needed more than two hours every night just to settle the pick results.

传奇sfThe help came from online friends made through Betshoot. Cihan 'MajeSturk' (later 'LaZanzara') from Turkey was my very first partner (greetings wherever you are mate!). As the time was passing, more help came, some guys as moderators, some as admins, others left, etc.

In the end, we where only me and 'DamirJ' from Serbia, the 'King of Tennis' as I used to call him to my references. So many similarities between us, as characters, so many same habits and betting lifestyle.

Betshoot year 2012 screenshot
Betshoot around 2012 with Damirj & Cappsports winning on Tennis.

传奇sfSo, we went together through the years running Betshoot, and we still go on, with the big tech help from my brother Jim 'Neuro'.

Main purpose and mentality

The main "philosophy" of the site is to share betting tips for free. But, with a clean and fast way. No big words, no offence.

As a site, we never promised things we can't do, and we don't hide our losings. Simplicity is all over, and content is direct with no catches.

Betshoot 2014 screenshot
Betshoot changed many styles & designs during the years, just to conform with the progressing standards of web technology and the needs of visitors.

In the end, the main core remains the same. Truly free betting tips since 2004.

The original way we displayed the content, motivated many people out there to create Betshoot "clones" or sites very similar to Betshoot. It looks like we made a 'prototype' that must be followed for some reason.

传奇sfMany people ask why we are so strict, regarding tips & tipsters. It is a fact that we accept only a few guys to write there. The only true reason behind this is to keep the quality of the tips high.

Credits & Greetings

Warm greetings to many great tipsters that passed from Betshoot:

传奇sfCanaryYellow, Trigunner, Jumbo, Nightwatcher, LouisParis, JerryDrake, Radu, Divol, Lubbe, Champ1905, Jaimeg, Barty_UK, Rdeacon, Lordburt, Aaaz, Moah, Miskin, Soccerfan, Teddie21, Vangos, Giakoumb, BlackSnake, Vezalke, Nvieira, Threepwood, Xcout, Jadran, MilosS, Levan, StDimka, Tullamore, Octavian, Hayate, Kadrs, MoRaNDi, ArminP, Ivendar, Ronaldoo, Frey, Macksi, nieXas, Derkom, Vanhaez, Igorra, Jop4423, Marinero, Afos21, Hortalica, Pinokardy, Smirnoff, Gabriel, Alberto, Indzis, Russija, Nabukadnecer, Nungor, Petko, xyzDennis, Jetpower, Raymz, InfamousBacardi, Sawyer, TonyClifton, RaresOltean, Liasato21, Almondeyed, Cappsports, Gudzon, Jompy, Beatle, Iskander, Smeags, DinuAlin, Daal, Lionstory, Highroller, Xtremer, Gamst, Wtrylika, Jamesington, Snake, DHorozov, Szigo, 20legend, Foxserkan, Sureseye, Armchairpunter, Goleador, Lind, Rakunat, Ardeal, Patyi, Dzovan, Marlo, Jiaho9, MrGarf and all who I forgot!

传奇sfKeep the betting scene flame alive and clean!